Converting to PDB

Prepare Converter Software

Install Java in your Desktop

Go to this URL: and follow the instruction provided.

After install, you need to make sure that the software works (note: you may need to restart your computer after installation). Go to start menu, then choose "Run", then type "cmd.exe", you will see a black command line window, type in:


If some error appear (such as 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. or bad command or file name) then your java instalation is not ok.

Install converter software

Download converter software from and extract it somewhere. For example to c:\bibleconverter


Prepare Text to convert

Convert your bible content into a text format that can be understood by the converter program. Please read this BibleConverterManual to study the format.

Do the conversion

Put the text file inside the same directory as the BibleConverter.class (in this example, in the c:\bibleconverter). Go to the command line, and type:

cd \bibleconverter

To change current directory to bibleconverter, if the name of the bible file is mybible.txt, type in:

java BibleConverter mybible    

(NOTE: without .txt)


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