JavaLoader and Barry (bjavaloader)

JavaLoader is a command line program that is used by JL_CMDer, BBSAK, and other tools. This program is only available for Windows. For Linux/BSD/OS X user, you can use bjavaloader from barry. Barry is an open source package containing many tools from reverse engineering javaloader protocol. Currently bjavaloader is already quite good although not as complete as javaloader. Most commands are the same in both tools

You can also see the documentation at RIM's website

To use javaloader, use: javaloader <command>, with command is one of the following (some of the text was copied from bjavaloader help)

dir display list of modules in handheld. The parameter -s can be used in javaloader and bjavaloader. In javaloader you can also have single column output (-1) and you can display dependency information (-d).

deviceinfo Provides information on the handheld.

load <.cod file> ... Loads modules (cod file) onto the handheld. javaloader also support loading .jad file.

save <module name> ... Retrieves modules from the handheld and writes to .cod file (Note: will overwrite existing files!). javaloader also suppor getting multiple files n a group

wipe [-a | -f] Wipes the handheld. In javaloader, The options are -a (applications only), and -f (filesystem only). In bjavaloader, the options is the same for -a, but replace with -i instead of -f

resettofactory Reset IT policy to factory defaults (wipes all data)

-f erase <module name> ... Erase module from handheld. Use -f to force delete module that is in use.

eventlog retrieves the handheld event log. You can redirect to save to file, for example javaloader eventlog > result.txt

cleareventlog Clears the handheld event log

logstacktraces Dump the stack traces for all threads to the event log, you can then dump the event log to file

screenshot <.bmp file> Make a screenshot of handheld to a bitmap file

settime [yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS] Sets the time on the handheld to the current time

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