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Since living in Chiang Mai, Thailand I bought many things online, because there aren't many shops here. For electronic components (ICs, transistors, etc), I bought them from, for other stuff, I bought them from DealExtreme. I like dealextreme because they sell many hackable items, and they don't charge for shipping.

These set of pages contains my reviews and some notes about Dealextreme. FYI: all links contains my affiliate ID.


Here are my reviews, of the stuff that I bought from DealExteme.

What to expect

For the cheap price that they give, I don't expect much from their service. So far everything is OK, I haven't received any non functional item (knock on wood). I have spen't several hundred dollars in the past 2 years. I only cancelled my order once because it was faster to get the stuff locally.

  • Sometimes it will take a long time before you get your order (several days even weeks). Don't order from them if you are impatient. The steps from packaging to delivering may take several days. Near the Chinese New Year, they will not process your orders immediately. If it takes too long, just cancel your order to get refund. I needed someting, but after 10 days, it wasn't processed yet, so I just cancelled it and buy the stuff locally.

  • Most stuff in there are not genuine (unless otherwise noted). Don't expect high quality, some stuff will break easily.

  • You may need to pay for taxes, especially for expensive items.

  • If you order several things, some stuff will arrive in separate package, and arrive at different times.

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