Not-so-cheap stuff

Standalone BitTorrent BT Client + UPNP USB/NAS/FTP/SAMBA/Printer Sharing Network LAN Server

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I have ported FreeBSD to this device. More Info can be seen here: NOTE: new device from DealExtreme no longer uses CNS2132 chip.

SmartDevices SmartQ 7 7.0" Touchscreen Linux MID Internet Tablet (667MHz CPU/WiFi/Bluetooth/1GB)

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I have written about this at my blog:

EZFlash V Plus SDHC TF NDS/DS Lite Flash Cart with 3-in-1 256M GBA+Memory+Rumble+2*Stylus

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Actually I didn't buy the pack, only EZFlash 3-in-1 Memory Expansion Pack for NDS Lite, but they don't have it sold separately anymore. I like the extra memory that you can use to run Linux. Perhaps I can port FreeBSD to NDS someday.

Standalone IP Wireless WIFI/LAN Camera with Night Vision and Pan/Tilt Motors

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This is a Foscam Clone. After I upgrade the firmware with latest Foscam firmware, everything is very smooth. You can view the video from browser (all platforms), VLC (all platforms), and using many different programs (so you can view it from iPhone/iPod/etc). The WIFI connection is very good, I use it in a closed room quite far from my wifi router.

Dingoo A-320 2.8" LCD GBA/NGO/SNES/ NES/SFC/CPS1/2/+ Emulator Game Console (4GB Built-in + Mini-SD)

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You can read all about it in wikipedia. You can install Linux on this device. You should also buy MicroSD/TransFlash TF Card to Mini SD Card Adapter because MiniSDs are hard to find nowadays.

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