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USB Sound Adapter

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I use this for testing whether my 200Mhz ARM network attached storage is capable of playing MP3. It has enough CPU to play MP3 with madplay, but the sound quality of this USB Sound adapter is not so good.

USB Charging Cable for NDS Lite

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Now I don't need to carry around the bulky NDS Lite charger.

IR Remote Controlled AC Outlet for Appliances (220V)

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Very practical to control you electricall appliances remotely. I am using it to control a standing fan that doesn't have a remote. You can use any remote control (I am using my Macbook remote).

Goot Wick Soldering Remover (1.5mm x 1.5M)

Goot Wick Soldering Remover Buy On DealExtreme

Works as advertised.

Soldering Remover Ball (Large)

Soldering Remover Ball Buy On DealExtreme

Very useful for cleaning solder tip while soldering. I think I will buy more of this.

Just-Works 480p Component AV Cable for Wii

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It just works. What do you expect? it's just a cable.

128MB GameCube Memory Card Compatible with Wii

GC/Wii 128MB Memory Card Buy On DealExtreme

I only tested this with some game on gamecube.

Trigram Screw Driver for NDS NDSL and Wii

Trigram Screw Driver for NDS NDSL and Wii Buy On DealExtreme

I haven't use it yet. Just some preparation for hacking my Wii and/or NDSL.

Invisible Ink Pen

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My wife was just curious about this. The ink doesn't last long, but the uv light does.

Static-Release Wrist Strap

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Macro Extension Tube/Ring for Canon SLR/DSLR Cameras

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It works. Don't panic when you can't open it, just press the small button.

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