Installer Protocol

Installer service through pps can only be accessed by upd or root user. Installer service through https can only be accessed in development mode. In the recent OS version, the access is limited (accessing installer service through localhost is no longer allowed).

Checking if development mode is active

Open /pps/system/development/devmode and see if dev\_mode\_enabled is true.

Example content of /pps/system/development/devmode:


List current installed app (without using service)

A local PlayBook application can check the currently installed app list (no special permission required):

Current installed apps can be read from /pps/system/navigator/applications/applications

Current Web shortcuts can be read from /pps/system/navigator/applications/web_shortcuts

All installed apps can be read from /pps/system/navigator/applications/.all

The format is like this:


Info is comma separated fields:

  • Icon (e.g: air/appicon.png)
  • Name (e.g: Browser)
  • Category (e.g: core.fav or
  • Splash screen for landscape:Splash screen for portrait (e.g: air/blackberry-tablet-splash.png:air/blackberry-tablet-splash-portrait.png)
  • Supported orientation: landscape, portrait, auto
  • 4 empty fields (don't know yet what it is)
  • App type (qnx/air, qnx/elf, qnx/android)

Logging in to HTTPS Service

TODO: document this

Installing App

Uninstalling App

Retrieving Asset File

Storing Asset File

Launching App

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