Install BAR files directly from your BlackBerry PlayBook.

Note: For OS 2.0 or later, use localbar2.

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  • I don't have time to develop nice GUI for this, so I just use the basic GUI API that is accessible using NDK. For example: in the NDK there is a "login dialog" but no "password dialog", so for the password dialog I use the "login dialog" that shows the "user" field (which is not needed).
  • This works on OS 1.0.7 and on 2.0 (developer beta)
  • With this you can sort of OTA install through the playbook. From your PlayBook Just go to a website that has some bar files, download it using the built in playbook browser, then run LocalBar to install the downloaded bar files.

Update doesn't work on beta or later. You need to root the device to be able to use localbar

if you have rooted your playbook, reenable localbar by:

  cat /etc/pf.conf | grep -v '443'| pfctl -f -

If you have startup.sh in /accounts/devuser, you can add this command to it.



If somehow you don't get a bar file from the link above, it may got autoextracted or autorenamed by your browser or utility apps that you have. Download this zip version instead, and unzip it, the password is localbar. The password is to prevent auto extraction.


First Install

You need to sideload LocalBar using your PC/Mac. There are many guides on the Internet. Here is one fof them:


Next time when the upgrade of this app is available, you can install the upgrade directly from PlayBook using this app.


You MUST enable development mode before installing the apps (you should have done this step when you sideload LocalBar.

[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

You will need to grant some privileges to this app after first install.

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Here is the main screen after you grant the privileges.

[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

Swipe down from the top bezel to show the menu.

[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

Choose "Install". It will show the list of bar files that you have. It will automatically scan all your documents folder (including downloads folder from the browser).

[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

Select a bar file, a confirmation dialog will appear.

[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

Click OK to confirm. A password dialog will appear. Just ignore the user field. This is the PlayBook standard login dialog, and I haven't explored yet how to disable the username field. And you need to press the OK button (the "Return" key doesn't work yet).

[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

After you fill in the password, it will start the installation. If everything is fine, then this dialog should appear.

[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

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