We can connect to the PlayBook simulator or the real device using blacberry-connect plus ssh. The desktop app blackberry-connect will connect to qconndoor on the playbook side.

TODO: document the protocol of blackberry-connect. There is a method to connect as root (instead of devuser) If we know the private key of RIM, but breaking 1024 RSA is not easy (or we may say impossible for now). (note this is different from the SSH RSA keys )

This is the handshake:

  • PC side generates private and public key (RSA 1024 bit) in memory
  • PC side sends the public key to the qConDoor in the device
  • Device generates session key and encrypts it with the public key
  • PC decrypts the session key

Some notes:

  • To connect using SSH you must generate RSA 4096 bit keys
  • The identification part in the ssh file (for example [email protected]) should not contain spaces or other special characters

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