Built-in Blackberry Applications

Unlike a library, an application is a complete program that can be run, some of them you can see on the screen, and some of them runs in the background. Some applications is just a wrapper, it means that it doesn't do anything except calling some other code in another module.

Module Description/notes
net_rim_bb_elt Enterprise Location Tracking
net_rim_bb_standardcalculator_app standard calculator
net_rim_bb_sms_compose User interface for composing SMS messages
net_rim_bb_sms SMS handling (also deals with voice mail notification, and SIM toolkit).
net_rim_app_manager just a wrapper that calls net.rim.device.api.system.ApplicationManagerImpl (implemented in net_rim_cldc)
net_rim_bb_itpolicyviewer IT Policy viewer
net_rim_bb_appworld App World
net_rim_bb_camera Camera App. This app doesn't use any native API, so the quality should be the same as any other app.
net_rim_bb_clock Clock application (main part)
net_rim_bb_clock_faces_480 For displaying the clock (for example when charging)
net_rim_bb_clock_lib All other things related with the clock (alarm, stopwatch, options handling, etc)
net_rim_bb_BTFileTransferApp File transfer App. This app just calls net_rim_bb_BluetoothFileTransfer
net_rim_bb_activation activation app (also contains activation app)
net_rim_bb_dnslookup_app Application for testing DNS lookup (activated through "Options", "Mobile Network", then click on menu, "Tools", "DNS Lookup")
net_rim_bb_ping_app Application for testing PING (activated through "Options", "Mobile Network", then click on menu, "Tools", "Ping")
net_rim_app_manager_console Application switcher
net_rim_vad Voice activated dialing
net_rim_bb_addressbook_simapp Access address book in SIM
net_rim_bb_addressbook_usimapp Access address book in USIM
net_rim_bb_help Help application
net_rim_bb_mc_app Memory Cleaner Application
net_rim_bb_memo_app memo application
net_rim_bb_ribbon_app user interface for homescreen
net_rim_bb_application_updater Application updater
net_rim_bb_calendar_app calendar App
net_rim_bb_mtp Java part of MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), connects to native code part of MTP protocol


The browser in OS 6 is one of the largest component in the system. The main rendering component is done in native code using webkit (Olympia webkit).

Module Description/notes
net_rim_bb_browser browser service
net_rim_bb_browser_cookiejar cookie handling
net_rim_bb_browser_daemon The entrypoint for browser application (there isn't much code in this, it just starts the browser core)
net_rim_bb_browser_lib main browser logic, core and many other things (bookmarks, settings, channel, etc)
net_rim_bb_browser_olympia olympia webkit interface
net_rim_bb_browser_olympia_proxy wrapper for native code (starts Olympia process)
net_rim_bb_browser_plugin_docview browser plugin (TODO: needs more description)
net_rim_bb_browser_plugin_security browser plugin for security (X509, PGP, WTLS, ...) TODO: needs more description
net_rim_bb_browser_push browser push handler
net_rim_bb_browser_script_ext browser script extension (create new contact, new message, map, etc)
net_rim_bb_browser_wap_provisioning WAP provisioning

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