Dependency List

This is an automatically generated module dependency (generated from 9650AMEA_v6.0.0.280_P4.4.0.185). There are two tables: first one list module name, and what is required to execute the module (module requires). And the second table contains module name, and which module(s) uses that module.


  • These are automatically generated and have not been checked thoroughly, there can be some errors in here. You may ask: if it is automatic, how can it be wrong? Well, this is generated using static analysis. Some classes are obfuscated (Sudoku, THK, Klondike), and can make my parser to identify wrong modules. Other modules can have implicit dependency if they use dynamic loading. Note: this can also be generated from javaloader -u dir -d, but it requires me to install all modules to handheld to generate the dependency list. So I choose a method that doesn't require install.
  • Most of the time, You should not delete modules with api in its name even though it is not listed as needed by any modules
  • Language resources are not listed here. You may need at least one language resource for an application to work.

  • Module requires

  • Module used

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