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In computer science, a library is a collection of subroutines or classes used to develop software.

Some libraries are used internally by the Blackberry OS, and some others are publicly accessible.

These modules implements private blackberry APIs

Module Description/Notes
net_rim_os Collection of miscellaneous stuff needed by OS. It contains, WAP stack from fourthpass, several classes related to LDAP, MIME, Service Book, ApplicationPermissionManager, HRT, Software Token, part of CLDC IO, HttpRequest, and even stuff like M3UPlaylist.
net_rim_io_impl implements the IO part of ('cod', 'icmp', 'tcpsocket', and 'udpsocket'). It also has an internal application to start ProtocolDaemon.
net_rim_loader Contains code to convert .jar file to .cod file. It parses the java bytecode from .jar file, and convert it into COD bytecode.
net_rim_sqlite interface to native SQLite code.
net_rim_nuance interface to native text to speech engine.
net_rim_bb_BluetoothFileTransfer bluetooth file transfer (implemented in Java)
net_rim_ui_impl this implements global menus such as 'Copy', 'Paste'.
net_rim_serial_formats Several serial data format (vcard) handling
net_rim_bb_addressbook address book library
net_rim_bb_addressbook_app address book application
net_rim_bb_addressbook_gal address book component to access Global Address List, always required by address book app
net_rim_bb_addressbook_models address book model (data structure) part
net_rim_bb_addressbook_vcard VCard from/to address book conversion (it uses net_rim_serial_formats in the implementation)
net_rim_bb_ldap_browser LDAP browser module, used by secure email component (net_rim_secureemail)
net_rim_bb_ldap_browser_pgp LDAP browser module (PGP part), used by secure email component (net_rim_secureemail)
net_rim_bb_ldap_browser_x509 LDAP browser module (X509 part), used by secure email component (net_rim_secureemail)
net_rim_ecmascript ECMAScript engine (it contains a compiler that generaates bytecode and interpreter to run it)
net_rim_ecmascript_resource ECMAScript engine resource
net_rim_speech javax.speech.recognition, javax.speech.spi, and javax.speech.synthesis

These modules implements public blackberry APIs

Module Package/Class Description/Notes
net rim cldc_* All basic Java class implementation (classes in java.lang, java.util) some basic RIM classes (net.rim.tid, net.rim.regex, net.rim.vm). Application manager implementation is also in this library (net_rim_app_manager is just a Wrapper).
net_rim_convenience_key_api Just one class: net.rim.device.api.ui.ConvenienceKeyUtilities -
net_rim_baelib and all packages under it -
net_rim_amms javax.microedition.amms and net.rim.device.api.amms This is for J2ME multimedia API
net_rim_api_wlan_hotspot net.rim.device.api.wlan.hotspot API for WiFi hotspot, used by special Wifi Clients, such as AT&T/net_rim_hotspotclient_att.
net_rim_bbapi_blackberrymessenger net.rim.blackberry.api.blackberrymessenger Blackberry messenger API
net_rim_bbapi_browser net.rim.blackberry.api.browser browser API
net_rim_bbapi_contactlinking net.rim.blackberry.api.pdap.contactlinking Contact Linking API
net_rim_bbapi_invoke net.rim.blackberry.api.invoke Invoke API (to start other programs)
net_rim_bbapi_mail this is just a stub for dependency tracking the real implementation for net.rim.blackberry.api.mail is in net_rim_bbapi_mailv2
net_rim_bbapi_mailv2 net.rim.blackberry.api.mail some class in package net.rim.blackberry.api.mail is in net_rim_bbapi_pim (ContactAttachmentPart and PIMAddressCardMailConverter)
net_rim_bbapi_maps net.rim.blackberry.api.maps -
net_rim_bbapi_menuitem net.rim.blackberry.api.menuitem -
net_rim_bbapi_messagelist net.rim.blackberry.api.messagelist -
Contains resources for net_rim_bbapi_messagelist
net_rim_bbapi_messagelist_resources - It seems to be empty resource
net_rim_bbapi_options net.rim.blackberry.api.options -
net_rim_bbapi_phone -
net_rim_bbapi_pim net.rim.blackberry.api.pim see also the description in net_rim_bbapi_mailv2
net_rim_bbapi_pim_res resource for net.rim.blackberry.api.pim -
net_rim_bbapi_push net.rim.blackberry.api.push -
net_rim_bbapi_sharing net.rim.blackberry.api.sharing -
net_rim_bbapi_stringpattern net.rim.blackberry.api.stringpattern -
net_rim_bbapi_ui_sharing net.rim.blackberry.api.ui.sharing -
net_rim_bbapi_unifiedsearch net.rim.device.api.unifiedsearch -
net_rim_smartcard_piv implementation of Personal Identity Verification smart card
net_rim_smartcard_piv_lib implementation of Personal Identity Verification smart card (PIVDriver and PIVConstants)
net_rim_smartcard_gsacac General Services Administration Common Access Card (CAC)
net_rim_xml XML parsing library (SAX, JAXP) -
net_rim_xml_org org.w3c.dom org.xml.sax -
net_rim_json_org JSON stuff
net_rim_bluetooth javax.bluetooth, javax.obex also Contains many bluetooth related stuff: Options screen for bluetooth, bluetooth SIM Access profile (SAP) manager, AVRCP manager, PIN Dialog, implementation for (btgoep, btl2cap, btspp)
net_rim_bb_browser_field2_api net.rim.device.api.browser.field2
net_rim_bb_browser_field_api net.rim.device.api.browser.field
net_rim_pdap javax.microedition.pim, net.rim.blackberry.api.mail, net.rim.blackberry.api.pdap -
net_rim_pdap_resources currently just empty resource file -

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