Resources are just modules that contains data (such as font, pictures, video, text string, etc)

Module Resource content
net_rim_DoDRootCerts DoD root certificates
net_rim_MIDPRootCerts MIDP root certificates
net_rim_speech_data_en_US Speech data for en_US (other language uses same filename pattern)
net_rim_se13nettable Network table names. The SE13 is from GSM MoU SE 13. GSM MoU Permanent Reference Document SE. 13: "GSM Mobile Network Code and Names".
net_rim_bb_medialoader_toolkit_480x360_9650_01 Basics.mp4, Intro.mp4
net_rim_bb_medialoader_toolkit_480x360_9650_02 ContextMenu.mp4, InsertSIM.mp4, MakingCall.mp4
net_rim_bb_medialoader_toolkit_480x360_9650_03 DTM.mp4 Homescreen.mp4 SwitchingApps.mp4
net_rim_bb_medialoader_toolkit_480x360_9650_04 Hardware.mp4 Zooming.mp4
net_rim_bb_medialoader_video_480x360_05_b DavidGray_Fugitive.mp4


Fonts are loaded using undocumented non-public API FontRegistry.loadSplitFont, it allows loading large size fonts (the public API only allows font <90 kb).

Module Font
net_rim_font_arial arial
net_rim_font_courier courier fonts
net_rim_font_european_sff european sff
net_rim_font_georgia georgia
net_rim_font_global_type global
net_rim_font_japanese Japanese
net_rim_font_japanese_droid Japanese droid
net_rim_font_latin_truetype Latin
net_rim_font_misc misc
net_rim_font_tahoma Tahoma
net_rim_font_times Times
net_rim_font_trebuchet Trebuchet
net_rim_font_verdana Verdana

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