I have made many Applications, most software that I publish are freeware and/or open source. I am only doing this as a hobby in my spare time (I have a full time job), so some help would be highly appreciated.

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TinyController to control your BlackBerry from your Desktop (so you can access BBM, SMS, etc from your desktop).

SMS To File for Symbian (Nokia): Ovi Store


Currently only Symbian bible and Wordstar Converter supports multiple languages. Email me (yohanes at to check if someone already translate it. If no one have made the translation, you can translate it.

I will also be happy if you want to translate my other softwares.


Most of my software lacks documentation. Please make guides/howto (may be in your native language) in your blog, so I can refer it when someone ask me how to install something. It will be easier for you to update the documentation if it is located on your server/blog, and I just need to link it from the software page.

Hardware donation

For the Symbian bible project I got 2 phones donated to me (Nokia 9300 and Nokia E51), and I bought the rest of the phones for other symbian series (2nd edition, 5th edition, UIQ 3).

For Freebsd ARM port, I got 3 hardwares donated to me (CNS11XX, CNS21XX, AT91SAM9G20). I am currently still working on it.

If you expect me to support for some device please consider donating me your hardware.

I also have an Amazon wishlist at

Paypal donation

You can also donate some money using paypal. The money will be used wisely (buying small things such as memory cards, data cable, etc). Sometimes the donated amount is good enough to buy more expensive stuff, for example I bought P910 (UIQ2 device) using donated money plus advertisement revenue on this site to port Symbianbible to it.

Commercial project

I may accept some commercial projects if I have time to do it

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